Who am I?

Auto Mechanic Cartoon

"The Life of an Auto Mechanic doing Auto Repair in an Auto Shop"

Hi! My name is Travis. You may wonder why I decided to write a blog talking about auto mechanics and auto repair shops. For one, I thought it would be interesting to present a different side of the auto mechanics that make thousands of auto repairs on our cars each day.   Auto repair shops are often stereotyped, so they need a better light shed on them too right? Secondly, I hope that this blog is somewhat humorous, especially for auto mechanics in all the auto repair shops around the U.S.  I hope that it can be a place where they can go after a long day in the auto repair shop for a little relaxation and laughter.

So what do I do? Each week I plan to call auto repair shops all over the nation and ask their auto mechanics a variety of questions about auto repair, auto shops, being an auto mechanic, etc. I hope to see some funny responses that will help us as the consumers to better understand the auto repair world!

I hope all you auto mechanics, auto repair shops, and consumers enjoy! If you have any suggestions let me know! Thanks.


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